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In September, Rimmel’s usual matte foundation offering was replaced with the new ‘Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation’.  My eye was caught first by the sleek but simple white and purple packaging. I was then intrigued further by the light shades on offer. To be honest, I have always avoided Rimmel foundations due to the fact that if you’re anything like me (a shade paler than Casper) it didn’t seem to cater for my needs, unless I was in the mood for looking a bit oompa loompa-ish that day.

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It’s come to that time of year when we are all thinking about what to dress up as this year. I do know that there are many people who poo-poo the eerie festivities but, if I’m honest, I will use any excuse to break out the face-paints and a bit of a creative streak.

Because, you know, ‘normal’ makeup is all well and good but there is only one time of year, only a few occasions, when you have an excuse to paint yourself as a pumpkin or some undead creature.

Alas, here is my look from last year. Luckily for me, there was a special presentation of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and, of course, I decided to go as Magenta. (Though I was the only one in my group to be in costume, they are clearly too dull for my liking!)

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And I like the way you move. (Yep, I’m quoting Whigfield, you can judge me, I care not.)

So my lovely co-author and close personal acquaintance, Oily Baby, suggested posting our makeup looks. I guess it’s a good idea to show that we, you know, wear makeup and aren’t talking out of our butts. She was on it quickly, I was not, but here it goes.

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Well hi there, just a quick post to say we signed up to bloglovin, so if you like what we’re doing here be sure to follow us there too by clicking the link below 🙂

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