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Perhaps unlike a lot of the other products that I’m likely to talk about in the old favourites section of this blog, MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I was eighteen. That’s just over six years now, which is like, a billion years in make-up land. It was the first high-end item of make-up that I ever purchased. The price frightened me at the time, but eventually it seemed worth it for a powder that didn’t melt off my nose about half an hour after first applying it (I don’t know why it did this, my skin was far drier back then – damn you, crazy face!)


What’s great about this powder is how versatile it is. It’s buildable and is suitable for most skins types. If you have dry skin, just apply a tonne of moisturiser to your face before application and you’re set. If you’re a bit of an oily baby like me, this won’t be necessary. It can be worn on its own, over a bit of concealer, or over a light layer of liquid or cream foundation for extra coverage. If you’re in a hurry and your skin’s looking a bit peaky, grab a kabuki brush, slap it on your face and BAM – you’re good to go in about a minute.

The way I wear it has changed somewhat over the years. I really can’t believe the speed that that I used to go through this stuff back in the day; I had to buy one every month or so. I must have been caking it on SOMETHING FIERCE. I wince at the expense too, how on earth did a part-time job in the local cinema keep my MAC powder addiction going? Nowadays I mainly either use it on its own when I don’t have time for liquid foundation, or just mainly for touching up my face throughout the day or night out (mainly my nose, make-up still likes to melt off around there like there’s no tomorrow). Now it lasts me up to five months, making the 32 euro price tag a little bit less daunting.

Did I mention that it’s available in a about a billion shades (note: slight exaggeration). That’s also what appealed to me about it as my skin tone is basically a shade paler than Casper. My local Boots just did not cater for my kind and MAC essentially saved me from several more years of enduring the dreaded foundation neckline. Thank the gods for NW15!

So, whether you are paper-pale or a more dark skinned individual, oily skinned, dry skinned, or somewhere in between; this powder has more than likely got you covered.


Your friendly neighbourhood D.S. back again. (TWO POSTS IN TWO DAYS, I knooow.)

After weeks of waiting, my patience finally wore thin and I invested in a new foundation.

Due to my corpse-like colouring, I find it extremely difficult to get a foundation that ticks all of my boxes for things such as dryness and coverage.

And then a friend recommended MAC Studio Sculpt, a near life-changing moment. Here it is in NC15:


According to MAC, this foundation is: A luxurious, creamy foundation that delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing the look of dull and dry skin. Innovative gel-based system provides outstanding skin feel and a medium, buildable coverage with a natural satin finish. Micronized silicone coated pigments improve skin adherence and blendability while helping to maintain colour purity. Offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15. Comfortable on all skins, but especially suited for normal-dry and mature skins.

I have to admit that, after wearing for a few weeks, this foundation is my new favourite. It comes in warm (sallow) and cold (pink/blue) complexion colours from 15 to 50, rising in fives each time. That’s the one problem I have, however, I’m NC13 and this isn’t pale enough for me. THOUGH, it doesn’t make a real noticeable difference so finding your own colour shouldn’t be that difficult either.

This foundation is purrfect for dry skin; just because I have the crustiest of faces, I like to use moisturiser underneath but those of you with non-reptile complexions probably wouldn’t need that.

Do you worry about the sun? (You should, fyi.) Well this has SPF 15 and UVA/UVB protection so even in the winter, you’re protected. Huzzah!

The light-reflecting pigments are great for distracting from those crazy blemishes and it’s easy to build up the coverage for those pesky hormonal times. (Girls, you know what I’m talking about!) I, myself, tend to wear a little extra concealer on my pink cheeks if I don’t feel like caking myself in foundation. But, each to their own.

Before, if I ever slept in my foundation – which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone – I would have woken up with my face looking like I’d rolled around in the Sahara; with this I can wake up and actually look mildly refreshed and somewhat glowing. WHO KNEW?! It just goes to show how moisturising and hydrating it is.

Because of this reason, this wouldn’t be that suitable for those with Normal/Oily skin. Don’t fret, though, there are a ton of foundations for those of you blessed with your own built-in moisturiser.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation is $31/€36.50/£25 (Ireland is so ridiculously expensive, ugh).

MAC is available in stores around the U.S., Britain and Ireland (and other countries, I’m sure) and on their website: http://www.maccosmetics.com/index.tmplhttp://www.maccosmetics.co.uk/

Enjoy yo bad selves!

– E x