Finally, back with a new post!

So, a few weeks ago, I was attempting to teach my makeup-challenged friend a way around her makeup bag. However, TO MY SHOCK HORROR, she had one brush… One. How has she survived up until this point, I hear you cry. I know, I know. So I told her that I was able to find her some useful tools at a bargain price from E.L.F. and she wasn’t disappointed! (Not going to lie, I bought brushes for myself too, of course!)

Eye Crease Brush


Like a blending brush, but smaller, it can get into the eye crease very well. It’s soft and thin. It’s better, I find, for placing the colour, and blending with a fluffier brush but that’s just personal preference. May not be capable of specificity the way some of you may want. However, for the price, it’s a gem.

Price: £1.50, Rating: 4/5

Blending Eye Brush


One of my most used makeup brushes, this is a glorious product. Soft and fluffy, but not wide enough to cause a mess. This is the brush I would use to blend after the former brush has been utilised. Must buy!

Price: £1.50, Rating: 5/5

Defining Eye Brush


Though useful, it’s somewhat of a glorified blending brush. Not thin enough to be used for detail, not fluffy enough for full blending purposes. The website says it can be used for lining eyes and defining eyebrows; it can’t. Besides that, however, it’s a good enough brush.

Price: £1.50, Rating: 3/5

Angled Contour Brush


The material of the bristles means it can be used with wet and dry products, multi-tasking ftw! Base colour/eyebrow bone colour applied with the flat top, edge of the bristles used for crease colour. I also like to use this to blend out my highlight, also if I want to make a line of bronzer/contour to brush out. A one-for-all brush if I ever saw one.

Price: £3.75, Rating:4.5/5

Smudge Eye Brush


Personal preference comes into play here, I wasn’t a fan of this brush. However, I’m not really fond of these types of eye sponges anyway but I thought I’d try this out. It takes away the eyeliner and/or powder, instead of blending it. I find the pinky finger or a small blending brush does a better job. Each to their own, however; if you’re fond of these, then go ahead! I shan’t judge you… That harshly.

Price: £1.50, Rating: 2/5

Small Precision Brush


Useful for eyeliner (if you’re into that kind of thing, I prefer a flat or angled brush) and for packing colour into the corner of the eye. Also thin enough for eyebrow colour. Also, the bristles can take wet and dry materials. Can’t fault it!

Price: £3.75, Rating: 5/5

Well, that’s it for today!
Hope it was helpful!
Toodleoo, Emma.